About Me

I am just like anyone else running a blog. I have stuff to say and hope to find an audience. I am also trying to earn my living online, doing something I can believe in. I am working as a network marketer in a company that sells non-GMO soaps with no harsh chemicals. King Soap offers organic and vegan soaps. You can see their products by clicking the banner below. You could also sign up as a representative yourself and build your own network and create a residual income. Skin is our largest organ and I plan to take care of mine.

They have a current one cent promotion going on. You can get one bar of soap for one cent. They pay the shipping!

I am a strong opponent of genetically modified foods and products. I want to try to spread information I get as I come across it. There are more and more studies showing how dangerous engineered foods are. GMO foods pose a real threat to humans by altering organ function.

Monsanto is one of the most famous bioengineering companies. They created Agent Orange, the herbicide used in Vietnam. Now we have former lobbyists for Monsanto working as the senior adviser to the commissioner at the FDA while others are appointed in the EPA.

Sign this petition to tell Obama to cease FDA ties to Monsanto.

Here is an older article, a little dated, regarding the revolving door in which Monsanto employees and associates make their way into the US government, thus securing policies that support Monsanto over public health. It just goes to show you how long they have had their hands in the pockets of the US government and vice versa. It’s blatantly obvious, too, because they know they won’t go down. They have rigged the system in their favour and currently bills are up for the president’s signature that include riders that absolve Monsanto of any possible responsibilities should suit come forward.

Fighting a company like this, whose roots are into everything, probably as much as war profiteers are, if not more so, is very daunting. 62 countries require labeling of GMO foods. The US does not because our politicians lack backbones and bow down before their NRA and Monsatan overlords. 90% of Americans support mandatory labeling of GMO foods. We can fight this! Groups are starting everywhere. Take action just by the click of a mouse.

Check out:




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