Monsanto Protection Act Signed Into Law

The Monsanto Protection Act was signed into law. It was written as a rider on a bill that was intended to fund the government through the rest of the year, by Monsanto-sponsored Senator Roy Blunt. It essentially dictates that no one can sue Monsanto if they get sick using their genetically modified seeds or eating their GM foods. In most cases, we won’t know, because American policy makers refuse to have GMOs listed on nutrition labels. In most cases, you will get sick, as GMOs alter the ways your organs function, which you can learn more about on the video on my “About Me” page.

Go to Food Democracy Now and add your voice to the list of others calling on Obama to issue an executive order calling for the mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.

While at it, visit Occupy Monsanto to find out which mutual funds are investing in Monsanto and where you can get some Monsanto-Free seeds.

Because the government is not doing its job to protect its people, you can label it yourself by placing labels with GMO warnings on groceries and products.

Protect yourself by boycotting the products listed here. And call the companies and tell them the reason is because they use Monsanto seeds. Make sure they know they are losing business because they deal with the most evil corporation in the world.